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Theatrical release poster

Stacey Sher Tish Cyrus="hiddenStructure" Kamir Aïnouz="hiddenStructure" Demi Moore Ashley Greene Adam Sevani="hiddenStructure" Double Feature Films="hiddenStructure" March 1, 2012 (Singapore) May 4, 2012 (United States)="hiddenStructure"
LOL (2012 film)
Directed by Lisa Azuelos
Produced by Loredana Mortensen Michael Shamberg

Stacey Sher Tish Cyrus

Screenplay by Lisa Azuelos

Kamir Aïnouz

Starring Miley Cyrus

Demi Moore Ashley Greene Adam Sevani

Music by Rob Simosen
Cinematography Kieran McGuigan
Editing by {{{Editing}}}
Studio Mandate Pictures

Double Feature Films

Distributed by Lionsgate Films
Release dates February 10, 2012 (India)

March 1, 2012 (Singapore) May 4, 2012 (United States)

Running time 97 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $11 million USD
Box office $18.3 million LOL is a 2012 American remake of a coming-of-age teenage romance-drama film, starring Miley Cyrus, Demi Moore, Ashley Greene and Adam Sevani. It was adapted from the same-titled French film 'LOL: Laughing Out Loud', which was released in 2008. The movie was filmed in 2010, but however was given a limited release by Lionsgate two years later in America, with no promotion. LOL was also released in 26 other countries. The film received many negative reviews by critics and made a total of $18,279,948 from box office sales, suprassing its $11 million dollar budget.


16-year-old Lola Williams (Cyrus) leads an ordinary life in Chicago with her boyfriend Chad and shares a strong bond with her friends Janice, Emily and Kyle. However, her relationship ends due to Chad cheating on Lola during the summer. Due to Lola's fear of judgement for being a virgin, she falsely proposed that she cheated on him as well. After the heartbreak, Lola and Kyle start to hang out and soon to realise that they have developed feelings for each other. This leads to much complication, as Chad (Lola's ex) and Kyle are friends, and Lola's enemy Ashley (Greene) is interested in Kyle as well. Moreover, Kyle is the lead singer and musician for a local band named 'No Shampoo' with his friends. However, his strict father is concerned about his grades in school and refuses to let Kylie pursue a musical career.

The mother of Lola, Anne (Moore) is a divorcee who is casually having 'sex' with her ex-husband Allen. Much to her attention, she soon discovers that her husband may have been sleeping around with other women. Meanwhile, Lola throws a party while Anne was out of town secretly with her ex-husband. Soon to discover Lola's wild antics, threatening to not send her daughter on the class trip to Paris. Later, Anne goes to the courthouse for a fine, but much to her attention, she meets a police officer (James) whom she develops a 'friendly' relationship with, where he gives helpful advice to Anne on how to control her children.

After a school assembly related to illicit drug awareness, Lola looks for Kyle, being told to look in the bathroom. She soon discovers who was supposably 'Kyle' and 'Ashley' hooking up in the bathroom, on assumption, as Lola spotted an expensive red handbag, that was owned by both Ashley and Lola's best friend, Emily. Lola accuses Ashley of this incident and where Ashley agreed to it. However, Kyle did not. After her false assumption, Kyle and Lola were involved in an argument leading to a break-up and them not speaking to each other. After the breakup, Lola is wanting to make Kyle jealous for cheating on her. So to do so, she makes out with her other friend Jeremy. Meanwhile, Lola and Anne reconnect by sympathising with each other and allows her to go to Paris.


Lola (Cyrus) and Anne (Moore) talking after Lola's school trip to Paris.

Lola is then speaking on the phone with Emily, when she soon admits that she was the person hooking up in the bathroom with an 'unknown male', also denying that is was Kyle, but refuses to say who with. Lola then refuses to speak to Emily. Lola and her classmates go to Paris only to discover many secrets of her friends. After Emily admits that her secret male lover was their friend, Wen (Sevani), while staying with a creepy family in Paris. Lola and Emily decide to reconcile and become friends again. Later, Lola's and Kyle's relationship starts to spark again, when they decide to forgive each other, and decide to have sex for the first time. Meanwhile in Chicago, Anne also has sex with James (the police officer), her 'first time' other than her ex-husband. Later, Lola and her friends spend a day out in Paris, shopping and seeing tourist sites. After the school trip, in Science class, Chad exclaims that Ashley is a 'hoe', however, Lola stands up to her, and after they become friends.

Meanwhile, Anne accidentally discovers her daughter's diary after cleaning her messy room and soon discovers Lola's increasingly wild behaviour, of her having sex, experimenting with drugs and making out with her friend, Emily. Anne then realises how much their communication gap has grown. She then confronts Lola on these accusations, when Anne admits she had read her diary. After their major altercation, Lola decides to stay with her father, but soon realises that herself and Anne share a special bond. Lola and Anne decide to reconcile and moves back in. Later, 'No Shampoo' (Kyle's band) performs in a contest where the winner gets a record deal. After performing, No Shampoo wins and Kyle also gains his father's full support. However, he wins something more, Lola's heart. As well as, Anne and James (the police officer) are seen cruising on a police boat where Anne finally has a successful romantic relationship.

The movie ends, with Lola and Anne laughing and cuddling each other on the couch, realising their bond is too strong to break, living happily ever after.


Miley Cyrus as Lola Williams, the secretive and rebellious teenager daughter of Anne and Allen and the granddaughter to Gran Williams. She is best friends with Emily and Janice and has a special relationship with Kyle Ross.

Demi Moore as Anne Williams, is Lola's constantly overbearing and oblivious mother.

Ashley Greene as Ashley, Lola's enemy who is often percieved as sexually provocative.

Douglas Booth as Kyle Ross, is firstly Lola's best friend, but soon develop feelings for each other

Ashley Hinshaw as Emily, is Lola and Janice's best friend, has very smart tendencies in school, but however has an odd and sexual relationship with her friend, Wen.

Lina Esco as Janice, is Lola and Emily's best friend, who has a 'complicated' relationship with Lloyd.

Adam Sevani as Wen, is an outcast within the friendship circle, who has a sexual relationship with Emily.

Thomas Jane as Allen, is Lola's father and Anne's ex-husband, where he has been accused of sleeping around with other women.

Marlo Thomas as Gran Williams is Lola's grandmother and Anne's mother, who is very lenient with her granddaughter's rebellious actions.

Jay Hernandez as James is a police officer, who becomes Anne's love interest.

Nora Dunn as Emily's mother, who is constantly overbearing and corrupt to both her children.

George Finn as Chad, Lola's ex-boyfriend, who is also best friends with Kyle and is in the band 'No Shampoo' alongside Kyle and Lloyd.

Tanz Watson as Lloyd, has a complicated relationship with Janice and performs alongside Kyle and Chad in their band 'No Shampoo'.

Jean-Luc Bilodeau as Jeremy, one of Lola's long-time friends, who she hangs out with often.

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